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Blog EntryBlog: Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bringing Back A Beast

What do you get when you crossá
a Jaguar with a wooly mammoth?

A fancy car with shaggy upholstery and a big trunk.

Wooly mammoths are extinct, disappearing between 8,000 and 10,000 B.C.ááThey were adapted to living in extreme cold, especially in Siberian regions.ááUsing climate models and fossil remains, scientists have determined that the mammoth died out due to warming temperatures and the introduction of humans to the area.
Mammoths were covered in thick, shaggy hair, enabling them to survive in the frigid temperatures of the ice age.áThere is no environment suitable for them now.ááThese animals were also extremely large, with their tusks alone reaching lengths of up to 16 feet!

Scientists are hoping to clone a year old baby wooly mammoth found in May of 2007.ááIt was found ináRussiaáafter being buried for 37,000 years.ááTo date 39 bodies have been found, but only four are complete.ááAttempts were made to clone another mammoth in 1997 but no DNA samples were found.áá
Do you feel it is OK to attempt to clone a wooly mammoth or other extinct animal?ááWhat benefits could there be if the attempt is successful?ááWhat challenges may arise?

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