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Blog EntryBlog: Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Whoever Smelt It Dealt It

Who would have ever thought that cow flatulence and burping could play a role in the explanation of global warming?ááAnd yet it seems that these bodily functions may be doing just that!
Cow gas is responsible for about 20 percent ofáU.S.áemissions of methane release.ááMethane traps 20% more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, the gas which most frequently gets a bad rap in global warming arguments.
Grass-fed cattle produce beef with less saturated fat for the consumer, but cause more methane gas to be produced by the cattle.á Why?áLignin, a hard-to-digest substance in the cell wall of the grass is resistant to ordinary digestion.ááAs lignin goes through the digestion process, methane gas is produced.á
Scientists have begun to help cows with their flatulence problems.ááAn Australian company has developed genetically modified grass that contains less lignin and thereforeádecreasesámethane production from grass-fed cattle. It seems like a win-win...a healthier beef with less saturated fat AND less methane released into our atmosphere!
How has science changed the beef industry?á How is science helping global warming? Do you think it is okay to feed a cow genetically modified grass?á

SOURCE:ááDiscover Magazine, August, 2008

Posted by Ms. Shaeffer at 2:52 PM
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